The ECB’s Asset Quality Review: Stressful tests

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The ECB's Asset Quality Review


Europe’s banks have been probed. More than expected have been found wanting



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One of Europe’s newer traditions consists of regulators “stress-testing” banks to ensure they would not fail, or require a taxpayer-funded bailout, if the economy were to sour quickly. The latest probe into the viability of around 130 banks was released on October 26th, showing that 25 of them failed stress tests. About half of those had already taken actions to remedy their alleged failings, so are basically fine. But nine of the banks that failed are in Italy, and most of the other problematic lenders are in Southern Europe.
Will markets care? The results in terms of number of failures is slightly worse than expected, though most of those are tiddlers who failed by relatively small amounts. But even those that have passed …

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