The zika virus and the many doubts

If you have traveled to America during last months or you have a trip on mind, we are sure you are following all the zika virus info that is being published during last weeks all over the world.

The zika virus was detected, for the first time, in Africa in the mid ages of the 20th century, but nowadays it is focused in Brazil and many other countries, almost 20, in Southamerica.

This new and unknown disease is creating a world alarm because of the many contagioused cases all over the world.

The mosquito bite has been increasing cases in many countries and, just a few hours ago, it is supposed to be found the remedy by a genetic treatment in this insects.

The truth is that there are many questions without a clear answer and that’s why many people are cancelling their trips, going to hospitals because it is, by now, a global disease.

There is more than a million people confirmed with the virus, but the problem is that there is no vaccine or treatment for this.

During last years it was supposed that the only way to get in contact with this virus was by the mosquito bite but, during last weeks, the US authorities revealt that there were some cases of sexual contact or blood transfusion.

If you are going to travel abroad to a country with high number of cases, just take note of some tips:  use mosquito lotions, wearing mosquito nets, avoids standing water tight , see your doctor when in doubt.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has described it as having potentially “explosive pandemic potential” and the authority has declared a global public health emergency on 1 February

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