Travelgenio bets for a direct contact with its customers

Travelgenio - Cheap FlightsEveryday there is more people booking their flights and services they will need during their vacations in the Internet. According to the trend of last years, young people spend their time on searching the best offers for the travels they have on mind.

It is not always easy to find the best prices, but what it is clear is that the online travel agencies have now an important role for travelers.

Travelgenio, for example, is a Spanish online travel agency that is directed by Mariano Pelizzari and that has been offering low cost flights since 2010.

It has presence in most of the European countries and, in last years, it has seen how its expansion has been not only a success but a bet that has situated this company as one of the most growing ones.

In fact, for this year it is proyected to arrive to Latin America. This way, it will increase its portfolio in a significant way, reaching an audience that is increasingly demanding more of their services and offers.

Among some of the most popular Travelgenio services, you will find the selling of airline tickets, transfers, car rental and complementary services surch as hotels and asurances for traveler’s tranquility.

If there is something important nowadays is the enterprises presence in social networks and here, Travelgenio has made a real bet to have profiles in the most important networks where they answer quickly any doubt.

Not surprisingly, they have increase their customer service schedule. Travelgenio, therefor, is available for customers 365 days a year both in the social networks and by mail or phone, having a different telephone number for every country where it has presence.

But one thing it convinces travelers most is their flight searcher that, thanks to its simplicity and that it updates prices while you follow it steps, make customers understand better the final amount they will have to pay for the contracted services.

Travelgenio is firmly convinced that the customers final satisfaction is a must, providing their communication tools a useful disponibility for anyone to get to their staff in case of necesity. That gives tranquility to any traveler that wants to be sure of the purchase made.

Read our Mariano Pelizzari recent interview.

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