Would you like to be in one of the most livable cities?

One more year has just been published the list of the most livable cities for the Economist Intelligence Unit’s ranking.

And, for the sixth year row, Melbourne has been crowned. This ranking takes into account things like the stability, healthcare, culture and environment, education and infrastructure. At this point, at a rating out of 100, gave Melbourne an overall score of 97.5, which is mostly the perfect punctuation.

But it is not the only city that repeats in the top ten of the ranking. We have to follow the results with an European one, a marvellous city like Vienna, that has arrived to the 97.4 score, also touching perfection.

Finishing the medal possitions, we have to travel to Vancouver, which arranged a 97.3 to end the podium.

Of course, we do know that there are many other places in the world to live and where quality are almost incredible, but according to this annual Economist Intelligence Unit’s commitment, if you want to be happy, enjoy the environment and also invest in a perfect life, you should take all this information in a serious way.

We are talking about the perfect places to life, but, on the other hand, we must also take a look to those places in the world that are like a nightmare if you want to live in a pacific way. We are talking about those cities that are suffering wars and conflicts, where human rights are being forgotten, where people are deciding to leave in order to find an opportunity to start once more their own history. But, moreover, we also have to think about those livable cities, like the French capital, that have decreased their rank because of the attacks it suffered during last year.

We cannot forget that, right now, the world is changing, that terror is one of the main society preocupations and that, at least, we must work all together to improve the conditions in many places among the whole world.

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